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Service 360 - autumn launch of new products

Service 360 has introduced new products - an electric heating panel with WiFi control and photovoltaic panels. These are excellent solutions to rising electricity prices and increasing heating costs.

nowe produkty w Algeco

New solutions at Algeco 360

The Wi-Fi-controlled electric heating panels introduced by Algeco will heat container modules quickly and efficiently. The programmer and infinitely variable control - also over the internet via a smartphone app or browser - save up to 21% in electricity costs. Users will also appreciate the "adaptive start control" function, which adjusts the heating mode to the rhythm of work and the size of the rooms, so as to reach the desired temperature at the optimal time, while saving energy at the same time.

Algeco's latest eco-friendly solutions also include photovoltaic panels. The technology is sure to be appreciated by investors who pay attention to electricity costs. Photovoltaic panels can power, among other things, construction facilities, social containers and office modules. Safe installation of the panels is ensured by Algeco's technical team, as is their subsequent servicing. Check out the new products in Service 360, which will help you reduce your energy costs.

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