Safe work

Bezpieczna praca w Algeco

Health and safety rules

Read our safe work rules.

Our Life Saving Health and Safety Principles

The Principles were created in addition to an established Safety Culture. These rules apply to the expected safety behaviors that apply to Algeco employees, temporary employees, agency workers and subcontractor employees.

stop the job

If you can't control the risk, you must STOP WORK!

  • Carry out a Risk Assessment/Analysis before starting work;
  • I stop working immediately if I cannot control the risk;
  • I talk to my colleagues if they are not working safely;
  • I know the safety rules and apply them everywhere;
  • I use safe and proven equipment;
  • I am authorized and trained for my job, otherwise I stop working;​

I make sure people follow all rules.

bhp zasada 1

1. always conduct an operation risk assessment and follow procedures.

  • I work in accordance with health and safety standards and local regulations;
  • I conduct a risk analysis (LMRA) before starting an activity / changing tasks (e.g. work meeting);
  • I always inform the manager, ask for a risk assessment when there is a new activity, a new tool, a new situation, etc.;

Start with LMRA, if you care about yourself and your people. LMRA (L-last, M-minute, R-risk, A-analize) or last-minute risk analysis - in practice, it means to check the conditions of a job yourself, practically, before taking it.

bhp zasada 2

2 Be in a safe zone away from moving and live equipment.

  • I stay in a safe zone away from moving machinery and live equipment;
  • I am alert to the movement of forklifts, freight trucks, trucks and cranes;
  • I use sidewalks (if available) and remember that vehicles have priority over pedestrians;
  • I do not pass through a designated work area (danger zone) if I am not authorized to do so;
  • I use PPE approved for the work to be done;

Taking care of people means staying you and others in a safe zone.

bhp zasada 3

3. when working at height, protect yourself from falling

  • I follow instructions (Group Standards, Work Instructions, Health and Safety Instructions, laws);
  • I only perform work at height if I am trained and authorized to do so;
  • I conduct periodic inspections and always check equipment before starting work;
  • I always have a second person to assist me and ask for help in case of emergencies;
  • I maintain 3-point contact with the ladder when using it;
  • I make sure the ladder/scaffolding is on a stable surface;
  • I always use personal fall protection (safety harness, self-locking device(s)) when working at height

You take care of people if you STOP WORKING when there is no fall protection.

bhp zasada 4

4. never walk under a suspended load

  • When supervising and planting cargo;
  • When moving containers and/or other objects/commodities;
  • When a forklift/crane is working with suspended loads;
  • In warehouses where goods are being stacked and removed from racks;
  • I stay in a safe zone (safe distance of 1/10h but not less than 6m);
  • I do not pass through the designated work area (danger zone) if I am not authorized to do so and if there are suspended loads in it;

Not entering/stopping others from going under suspended loads means that I take care of people.

5. Zawsze przestrzegaj przepisów drogowych,  jedź zgodnie z nimi

5. always obey traffic laws, drive in accordance with them

  • I never violate the general traffic regulations and traffic rules adopted at our branches/customers' premises;
  • I always drive on designated traffic routes and park in designated areas;
  • I always wear a seat belt, even when the car/forklift is not moving but the engine is running;
  • I do not allow myself to be distracted by a phone/other device/situation;
  • I adjust my driving style to the prevailing conditions (heavy rain, heavy traffic);

Taking care of people means that you protect yourself and others while driving.

bhp zasada 6

6. be able to work at all times.

  • I do not drink alcohol and do not use drugs;
  • If I take strong drugs, I will consult their possible effects with my doctor;
  • In case of short sleep or stress at work, I report it to my supervisor;
  • I don't start my work day if I haven't slept through the night;

I take care of people if I am able to meet the daily demands of my job.

bhp zasada 7

7. always make sure the containers and their contents are safe for transport

  • I always load goods into closed/secured units/trucks so as not to harm other road users;
  • I always check that all elements of units and goods are well mounted so as not to harm other road users;
  • I always check that the units and goods are well positioned on the truck so as not to harm our employees or other road users;
  • I always check that units and goods have been secured before delivery or return;
  • I always consider the route the unit takes from the starting point to the final position (take into account environmental conditions such as weather/terrain) so as not to harm other road users;

People take care of themselves and their families, and a traffic accident is not an option.

bhp zasada 8

8. operate only equipment that you are trained and authorized to work with

  • I never use tools/equipment that I have not mastered and/or been trained to work with;
  • I never use tools/equipment without authorization (e.g., work permit);
  • I never use tools/equipment if I am not authorized (e.g., a manager has authorized you to perform a certain activity after training, after working for a certain period of time with a supervisor and mastering the activity);
  • I always check the inspection;
  • I always check the tool/equipment before use;
  • I always check the presence of safety devices (e.g. safety lock, grinder guard, grinder handle, others);

You take care of yourself or care for people if you STOP WORKING when the tool/equipment does not appear to be working properly.

bhp zasada 9

9. protect yourself from energy sources, unplug, lock and tag the problem

  • I stay away from energy sources such as generators/gas boilers/high and low voltage systems;
  • I only perform electrical work if I have the proper licenses and am designated to do so;
  • I always check that the installation is not live before I start working with it; LOTO: disconnect the energy source, isolate, mark before working.
  • I am alert to third-party work and never touch third-party tools without permission;

You take care of people if you demarcate the boundaries of your work area and post signs that work is being carried out with energy sources.

bhp zasada 10

10. always complete and follow the High Risk Work Permit, if required

  • I always check before starting an activity whether it requires a work permit (e.g., check the list of routine and non-routine activities);
  • I always follow our life-saving rules, our standards, local regulations;
  • I follow the instructions in the work permit;
  • I wear personal protective equipment as required for the task;
  • If I am unable to comply, I will inform and coordinate with the permit holder (e.g., supervisor/project manager/team leader/team coordinator);
  • I ALWAYS STOP WORKING if I am unable to comply with the regulations while doing the job;

You take care of people if you talk to other colleagues when they are not working in accordance with the work permit.

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