Key questions and answers

Below you will find questions and answers to the most important issues concerning our form, products and service.

Does ALGECO rent modular containers?

Yes, we rent modular containers. Our modules will prove themselves in both temporary and long-term projects. The rental of social containers for construction is the majority of our projects, at the same time we also offer containers for temporary offices, sanitary containers and event modules.

Does ALGECO sell container modules?

Yes, as a manufacturer of modular containers, we also sell modules, e.g. office, social and sanitary facilities. 

What is the cost of renting an ALGECO container?

The price of office containers depends on several aspects, which include: rental time, type of selected module and equipment. The price is also affected by adaptation works carried out based on the customer's design, as well as additional equipment, IT networks, or e.g. air conditioning offered as part of the 360 ​​Service.

Is it necessary to apply for a building permit when building a facility from ALGECO modular containers?

When building a modular office, the fulfillment of administrative formalities should be taken into account. Whether it is enough to just report the construction or apply for a permit depends on: the size of the container for the office, its purpose, and the time of its operation - this is specified in the Building Law.

In the case of temporary facilities on the construction site, you do not need to submit a notification or apply for a building permit. In the case of individual projects, we encourage you to contact your ALGECO Sales Representative.

Does ALGECO deal with the process of obtaining a building permit?

NO. It is the investor who decides on the office containers we offer, who has the legal obligation to obtain the necessary permit.

What are the dimensions of ALGECO container modules?

Our sale of office and sanitary containers includes standard modules with the following dimensions: length 6055 mm, width 2435 mm and height 2790 mm.

Does ALGECO make custom projects?

ALGECO Polska cooperates with design offices throughout Poland. The customer can use the paid design option and order an individual, non-standard implementation.

How are ALGECO modular containers insulated?

Both sold and rented office containers are thermally insulated with mineral wool. 

What is the fire resistance of ALGECO container modules?

ALGECO has fire resistance certificates for individual partitions - their resistance depends on the type of modular container.

How much does an ALGECO modular container weigh?

The average weight of a standard office module is 2 tons, while the sanitary one is 4 tons.

What is the use of ALGECO modules?

ALGECO modules can be free-standing objects, as well as co-create buildings with a diverse space. Thanks to the partition walls, practical sectors can be separated in them, characteristic for: offices, construction sites, shops, restaurants as well as educational institutions and many other facilities.

How many storeys can be used to build a modular facility?

At ALGECO Polska, we implement projects with a maximum of 3 levels.

What is the average electricity demand without additional equipment?

The average demand for electricity for the office module is usually 2.5 kW and for the sanitary module 6 kW. Of course, the amount of energy used depends on the electrical devices connected and how you use it.

Does ALGECO rent equipment for modules?

Yes. When renting office containers, we also rent furniture and equipment for offices, kitchens, conference rooms, as well as cloakrooms and other arrangements. In this regard, we offer 3 standards: Economy, Comfort and Premium. As an additional option, we also install air conditioning, install the electricity network, IT and other elements indicated by the customer - e.g. photovoltaic panels.

How long does it take to assemble a building made of container modules?

The lead time depends on the size of the project, the place of delivery and the ordered equipment. Most often, the construction of a facility from modules takes from several hours to several days. In the case of extremely complex projects (e.g. with more than 100 containers) - up to several weeks.

How to get an offer from ALGECO?

If you decide to buy or rent modular containers, just contact the nearest ALGECO branch by phone or send a contact form from the website.