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Kontenery socjalne i biurowe

Kontenery biurowe to idealne rozwiązanie dla firm potrzebujących elastycznego i ekonomicznego miejsca pracy. Oferujemy wynajem kontenerów biurowych, które spełniają różnorodne wymagania biznesowe, od małych biur po duże przestrzenie projektowe. Dostarczamy wyposażenie kontenerów biurowych, zapewniając komfortową i funkcjonalną przestrzeń pracy.

Mobile office in a few easy steps

ALGECO office containers provide an excellent climate, plenty of natural light and modern equipment. Modular offices are an ideal solution for temporary buildings, allowing you to continue your business, for example, during renovation work or relocation of your company. ALGECO offers high-quality office containers in 3 basic types and standardized dimensions. This allows for flexible configuration of larger modular facilities, as well as easier logistics, assembly and disassembly.

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Bathroom premium

Quality and equipment of containers

ALGECO offers companies and administrations a wide range of high-quality containers for rent in your area - from functional, economical basic solutions to the comfortable ADVANCE PLUS product or the premium PROGRESS series , which stands for design, comfort and security at the highest level.

Upon request, customers can receive a unique 360° service from ALGECO . Services from the comprehensive carefree package include, for example, energy-optimized heating and heat protection technologies, state-of-the-art lighting and ventilation systems, and equipment for rental containers. Outdoor facility design or building management can also be part of when companies rent containers. The offer is complemented by the modular network and telecommunications solution Data-Net-One , which includes all the equipment for modern operation: WLAN access points , outlets, network and telephone connections.

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Air conditioning for warm days!

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Klimatyzacja na ciepłe dni! Zleć nam montaż energooszczędnych klimatyzatorów w Twoim budynku modułowym!