Containers for gatehouses / watchtowers

kontenery pod portiernie

Guard houses in a container are modular solutions from Algeco, with the help of which you can quickly arrange a comfortable workplace. Thanks to the modular doormen you will prepare a place for visitor service, where registration of entry, exit, issuance of a pass or registration of employees' working time takes place. With container doormen you will also guarantee comfortable working conditions for security guards, or those working in guarded parking lots. Thanks to its universal application, the watchtower container is a functional solution for companies specializing in many industries.

kontenery pod portiernie

Container watchtowers adapted to your company's needs

Ensure a comfortable workplace for your employees - regardless of their position and conditions. A modular watchtower arranged on the model of a gatehouse is a solution that provides comfort at the highest level. In addition, you can adapt it to your own requirements or to the specifics of your work. Container doormen from Algeco are distinguished by functionality and the ability to modify the appearance of the container:

  • the container used as a gatehouse has thermal and acoustic insulation - it is a year-round solution, taking care of the convenience of work,
  • according to the needs of the investor in the container watchtowers can be freely arranged doors and windows, taking into account the feeding window,
  • thanks to the fact that container watchtowers are mobile, they can be set up almost anywhere.

Comprehensive modular solutions

Due to the nature of the work, a container as a gatehouse should, above all, provide optimum convenience of use. That's why at Algeco we make sure not only that the container gatehouses have a proper, stable structure, but also optimal equipment. We design our solutions in such a way that the watchtower containers are functionally developed, providing comfort and security - all within the framework of the 360° Service.

As part of our comprehensive solution, Algeco provides the following:

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Expertise in Modular Construction

With over 20 years of experience operating in the Polish market, Algeco specializes in offering container modules to customers. Our extensive expertise enables us to provide expert advice on the optimal and cost-effective solutions for your business needs. Whether you require temporary facilities, permanent buildings, or modular structures for exhibition purposes, events, or showrooms, our team of experts is ready to assist you. We prioritize modern and sustainable construction practices, taking into account environmental considerations.

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Fully Equipped Turnkey Solutions

As part of our Service 360 package, we offer fully equipped turnkey solutions. In addition to providing container modules, we also provide furniture rental in three standards: ECONOMY, COMFORT, and PREMIUM. Our services encompass the installation of essential amenities such as air conditioning, IT networks, water and other energy-saving solutions necessary for modern businesses. By offering a complex solution, we ensure that you receive a ready-to-use space tailored to your specifications. Throughout our partnership, our team of professionals will provide comprehensive support, including the servicing and maintenance of leased equipment.

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Express Delivery and Construction

With our modular construction technology, we guarantee swift delivery of your modular buildings. Our streamlined assembly process, which involves connecting modules seamlessly, allows your investment to be ready for use within a remarkably short timeframe, often as quickly as one day. We have seven branches strategically located throughout Poland, ensuring efficient delivery of container modules to your desired location, whether it's for events, conferences, showrooms, or any other purpose you may require.

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