Store containers


Expansive pavilions, kiosks, a residential developer's sales office, or maybe a sports store franchise? Store containers are a flexible space solution, that allows you to afford all this and much more. The high aesthetics of container stores and their versatile use make each store container prepared by Algeco a visually appealing yet functional solution for all kinds of industries.


Universal store containers

Container stores are solutions offered by Algeco that easily and quickly help you adapt to the local market situation, and guarantee:

  • short lead times,
  • low costs,
  • adjustable, easy-to-arrange interiors.

Importantly, modular stores are lightweight, easy to install and can be set up on any surface. It should also be added that store containers are also mobile and easy to transport. Thus, your business outlet can be prepared anywhere.

A modular container store is an excellent option for seasonal business: all you need to do is find a convenient location, and Algeco will provide you with a comprehensive implementation of your project. Modular stores are also an opportunity to test the potential of the local market: by renting Algeco store containers, after a trial period of operation of your store, you can decide to build a destination store, move the facility to another location or cancel further rental.


Modular store - a solution tailored to business needs

Containers arranged for a grocery store or service outlets - whatever your business, at Algeco we will prepare a store container tailored to your needs. We will take care of the proper construction and equipment of modular stores, making optimal use of their space. At Algeco, we also take care of the final appearance of the facility, its finishing style, or practical solutions such as large storefronts that encourage you just to look inside. We will provide investment-ready solutions, arising from the 360° Service.

As part of our comprehensive solution, Algeco provides the following:

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Expertise in Modular Construction

With over 20 years of experience operating in the Polish market, Algeco specializes in offering container modules to customers. Our extensive expertise enables us to provide expert advice on the optimal and cost-effective solutions for your business needs. Whether you require temporary facilities, permanent buildings, or modular structures for exhibition purposes, events, or showrooms, our team of experts is ready to assist you. We prioritize modern and sustainable construction practices, taking into account environmental considerations.

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Fully Equipped Turnkey Solutions

As part of our Service 360 package, we offer fully equipped turnkey solutions. In addition to providing container modules, we also provide furniture rental in three standards: ECONOMY, COMFORT, and PREMIUM. Our services encompass the installation of essential amenities such as air conditioning, IT networks, water and other energy-saving solutions necessary for modern businesses. By offering a complex solution, we ensure that you receive a ready-to-use space tailored to your specifications. Throughout our partnership, our team of professionals will provide comprehensive support, including the servicing and maintenance of leased equipment.

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Express Delivery and Construction

With our modular construction technology, we guarantee swift delivery of your modular buildings. Our streamlined assembly process, which involves connecting modules seamlessly, allows your investment to be ready for use within a remarkably short timeframe, often as quickly as one day. We have seven branches strategically located throughout Poland, ensuring efficient delivery of container modules to your desired location, whether it's for events, conferences, showrooms, or any other purpose you may require.

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