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ALGECO: An expert in modular buildings and containers

Ecological, energy-saving modular solutions

At Algeco, we focus on proven and ecological solutions. Our container modules ensure comfort of use and are energy efficient. We provide comprehensive service and a number of additional services, thanks to which the use of modular buildings is convenient and economical. The equipment offered includes flow limiters, lighting with motion sensors and air conditioning with heating and cooling function.

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Are you looking for reliable solutions in the field of container modules? We rent office containers and also offer modular offices for sale!

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Gatehouses in a container are Algeco's modular solutions, thanks to which you can quickly arrange a comfortable workplace. The gatehouse container is a functional solution for companies specializing in many industries.

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Railway stations

Currently, passengers pay much more attention to comfort and convenience, which should also be present during renovations. We offer e.g. cash containers, temporary waiting rooms, as well as sanitary rooms.

kontenery punktu obsługi

Service points

Do you want to open a service pavilion for a customer in a short time? Containers of this type are a solution that is distinguished by fast implementation time, ease of assembly and disassembly and the ability to place the building in any place.



Expanded pavilions, kiosks, a housing developer's sales office, or maybe a sports shop franchise? Shop containers are a flexible spatial solution.

kontenery pod szatnie

Changing rooms

Create the right conditions for your employees to prepare for work by using Algeco's ready-made solutions and choosing container changing rooms, where you will find, among others, high-quality safety cabinets.