Algeco 360 - nowe produkty

Premium Customer Service Point for Eiffage

Algeco has completed a modular apartment showroom in Poznań for client Eiffage. This is a model example of how to create a functional, elegant design out of Algeco containers in a short time and start a business - in this case, selling apartments.

Algeco 360 - nowe produkty

Project description

The project is distinguished by its high standard of finish and numerous glazings, which make the interiors bright and spacious. The structure consists of three modules, in which the central part is occupied by a space arranged for customer service. In addition, the design includes space for an aesthetically pleasing sanitary facility and a stylish kitchenette.

It is also worth noting that the modular outlet was realized in a very short time - within a week the structure was prepared, transported and installed, and in the next week the finishing work was finalized.

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