kontenery modułowe dla wydarzeń sportowych

Sports in Algeco modules!

The modular container is a versatile space, perfect for sports and cultural events. For several years, Algeco has been a partner of the Poznan Rowing World Cup and the facilities for this unique event are prepared, among others, in our company's modules.

kontenery modułowe dla wydarzeń sportowych

Our solutions for sports

Algeco modular containers are mobile, so they can be placed in any location. Thanks to them, you can be wherever you want without having to reckon with the limitations of traditional construction - for this reason it is a perfect solution, for example, for outdoor events or sports competitions.

The modules can be used to arrange both rooms for competitors, locker rooms or jury rooms for organizers. It is also an excellent way, for example, for mobile first aid stations - an indispensable back-up during any event gathering a large audience.

In Poznań, Algeco modules are periodically used for these purposes during the Rowing Regatta, which takes place on the Malta reservoir, most recently on 16-19.06.2022.

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