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At Algeco, we care not only about proper structures, but also about equipment. We know how to optimally use the space of our containers and we provide you with ready-made solutions to be used in your investment. Create with us a space that provides a good atmosphere for the efficient work of your staff.

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Learn more about the 360° service
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Professional equipment

With Algeco, every customer has professional container equipment at their fingertips - without the need to manage multiple deliveries, which saves time and money. Investors who choose the 360 ​​service can count on:

  • professional finishing of the container - both in terms of the interior design and its facade,
  • carefully arranged installations,
  • ingenious, practical and, at the same time, ECO solutions, thanks to which you can take care of the surrounding us environment,
  • security package, thanks to which you can protect your investment even more,
  • durable and modern container security.

Thanks to over 50 years of experience in modular construction, the 360 ​​Service offer at Algeco is at the highest level - adapted to customers from various industries and with high expectations.

Algeco 360

What can you expect from the 360 ​​service?

Comprehensive modular construction from A to Z has never been so open to customer needs. At ALGECO you can choose the equipment of the containers in various furniture packages: in the ECONOMY, COMFORT and PREMIUM standards, thanks to which it is possible to equip them completely:

  • an office for one person, which will include, among others, chairs, a desk, a document cabinet, a board or a hanger,
  • a medical point, e.g. with a table, a couch and a wardrobe,
  • a container warehouse with space for durable shelves,
  • a modular cloakroom, e.g. with safety cabinets, drying cabinets, chairs and a table,
  • a dining room with plenty of chairs and tables,
  • a kitchen with cupboards and a kitchenette, a fridge, a microwave and other household appliances,
  • a conference room with a projector, screen and board.

Comprehensive 360 ​​modular construction from the container manufacturer Algeco allows you to choose the right package for every business. The offered interior equipment of the containers is of high quality and will prove itself even in the face of intensive use. In addition, it looks very professional, which also translates into the visual presence of a brand or company.

Thanks to the 360 ​​service, construction containers and office containers can be put into use immediately.

360° service for your comfort and safety

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Algeco is not only container modules, it is also 360⁰ Service.

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Choose a convenient modular solution for your business. Explore our turnkey modular offices, locker rooms, construction facilities, event projects and modular classrooms.

We know how to optimally use the space of our modules. We provide ready-made solutions to be used in your investment, regardless of its purpose and whether you are implementing a temporary or long-term project.

Give us a comprehensive implementation of your investment. Save time, reduce the costs associated with managing multiple deliveries and rely on our service.