Raport ESGS 2023

Modulaire Group launches latest ESG report with 30.7% emissions reduction

The 2023 Global Sustainability Report provides a comprehensive review of the progress Modulaire Group has made in its global operations, supply chain and customer relationships since it made sustainability a core priority of its strategy and decision-making.


LONDON (19th March 2024) –Algeco Polska, which is a part of Modulaire Group, Europe and Asia-Pacific’s leading business services company specialising in modular services and infrastructure, has today published its latest global sustainability report. It shows that the company is on track to achieve its 2025 goals, with a significant 30.7% reduction of Scope 1 and 2 market-based emissions since 2020.

In the 2023 ESGS report, “Modular Solutions for a circular economy”, the Group outlines the ways in which it is taking action on climate change. The report shares Modulaire Group’s ESGS purpose, strategy, commitments and progress against targets.

Inder Poonaji (Group ESG Director) said, “Our sustainable circular business model – Loops within Loops – continues to deliver great results for our business and our customers. We are using innovative design solutions to produce modular units that can stay in service longer, going round and round again. It uses less materials and produces less waste. Today, our business is producing over 30% less carbon emissions, using 55% less water and sending 75% less waste to landfill, all since 2020. We’re proud of our performance and our products.”

Mark Higson (Group CEO) said, “I remain more convinced than ever that Modulaire is making a valuable contribution to building a circular economy. We deliver adaptable and recyclable modular solutions that are helping our customers respond faster to changing population and climate needs. Our low-emissions customer service centre sets a new ESG benchmark across the Group, clearly demonstrating our strategic focus on electrification, renewable energy and protecting biodiversity.”

Key performance highlights in the report include:
• 30.7% reduction of Scope 1 and 2 market-based emissions (vs 2020)
• 67% renewable energy
• 55% less water used (vs 2020)
• 75% less waste to landfill (vs 2020)
• 33% lower LTAFR (vs 2022)
• 5,145 paid volunteering hours
• 4 EcoVadis medals

About Modulaire Group

Modulaire is a leader in European modular services and infrastructure. We create smart spaces for people to work, learn and live. Our business helps customers find the right space solution, no matter what their requirements. Modulaire has operations in 23 countries, with over 330,000 modular space and portable storage units, and 4,400 remote accommodation rooms. The company operates as Algeco, its largest brand, across much of Europe and the United Kingdom.

Other operating brands include Advanté in the United Kingdom, Altempo in France, Algeco Chengdong in China, Ausco and NET Modular in Australia, and Portacom in New Zealand.

Visit the Modulaire Group website to learn more about our ESG performance.