Office facilities - Andersia business center in Poznań

PORR S.A. is a construction company that started its operations in Poland in 1993. The company is present throughout the country and actively undertakes new projects in the field of modern construction, including industrial, railway and road construction. PORR S.A. places great emphasis on involvement in key aspects of the future of the industry, such as digitalization and innovation, which constitutes a solid basis for its success in the construction market. In the center of Poznań, at Plac Andersa, a project is being implemented to build a modern "Andersia" office building with a conference area. This building will consist of 25 above-ground floors and 3 underground floors, constituting an important element of the office complex in this part of the city.



In response to the limited space available in the densely built-up city center, the investment's social facilities were built from container modules. This allows for flexible adaptation to specific project requirements. Objects made of Algeco modules can have three floors, which is a key aspect in the context of limited urban space. The project includes the integration of warehouse modules for storing and managing materials and tools.

The implementation of social facilities from Algeco as part of the project to build an office complex at Plac Andersa is an example of a modern approach to the implementation of construction investments in urban space. This concept maximizes the use of limited land and ensures quick adaptation or reconfiguration of facilities to the changing needs of construction teams.


Customer Feedback

"When implementing the project, I am looking for suppliers who provide the highest standards and can adapt to our needs. Flexibility and a reliable, partnership approach are important to me - this is the key to good cooperation. When choosing modules from Algeco, I know that the offer will include all the necessary elements to create a functional social base. Moreover, we can retrofit modular containers and change their configuration according to changing needs with subsequent stages of the investment. From the perspective of a person who is responsible for the efficient and safe implementation of activities, this is a big advantage for Algeco."


- Hubert Głowacki
Construction Manager

Project Specification


Office and social facilities

Number of modules:

34 (ultimately planned 80)

Serwis 360: 

social equipment + client's own


In short

  • Social and office facilities (3-story)
  • Algeco Algeco 360 Service products
  • Mobility and quick rearrangement of space as work progresses (demanding location: city center)