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Container for construction - which one to choose?

The various uses of construction containers go beyond the traditional concept of temporary housing. Social, office, sanitary and hygienic containers and guardhouses play a key role in ensuring comfort, safety and efficient management during the implementation of a construction project. Thanks to Algeco's offer, the containers discussed in the following blog are comprehensively equipped, meeting all requirements and standards regarding functionality, hygiene and safety at the construction site.

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Residential container on a construction site

Container apartments are not only a place to sleep, but also an oasis of rest and regeneration for construction workers. Modern residential containers offer comfort and convenience, providing appropriate conditions for relaxation after a tiring day of work. Algeco specializes in providing high-quality residential containers that are completely equipped with beds, furniture, lighting, as well as electrical installations, which allows for comfortable living even in difficult conditions on the construction site. The living containers are carefully designed to provide an ergonomic and functional space that allows you to effectively rest and regain energy after hard work.

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Construction and office container

Office container rental plays a key role in organizing administrative activities, coordinating work and managing the construction project. Algeco offers office containers that are tailored to the needs of construction companies, providing a comfortable and functional workplace for management staff. These containers are equipped with desks, chairs, file cabinets and the necessary electrical installations, which enable effective planning and coordination of work on the construction site. In addition, Algeco office containers are available in various sizes and configurations, which allows them to be tailored to the individual needs and requirements of the customer.

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Sanitary container with a shower

Sanitary containers with showers are an indispensable element on the construction site, providing construction workers with appropriate hygienic conditions and comfort during long working days. Algeco offers sanitary containers that are equipped with showers, toilets, washbasins and water and sewage installations, which allows workers to maintain cleanliness and hygiene even in difficult conditions on the construction site. Sanitary containers are carefully designed to ensure convenience and comfort of use, as well as to meet all safety and hygiene standards and regulations.

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Gatehouse container

Guard houses are an essential element ensuring safety on the construction site, enabling employees responsible for supervising and monitoring the facility to effectively perform their duties. Algeco offers guardhouse containers that are equipped with a work space, monitoring and the necessary electrical installations, which enable ensuring safety at the construction site and responding to any emergency situations or threats. At Algeco, service trucks are available in various configurations, ensuring maximum safety and control on the construction site.


This article presents the different types of containers used on construction sites, their functions and the benefits of their use. Thanks to the high quality and flexibility of the containers offered by Algeco, investors can be sure that the selected solutions will meet all their requirements.