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Facilities for the construction of a Data Center in Warsaw

Winthrop Engineering and Contracting Ltd. has selected ALGECO Poland to design and install office and technical facilities for its under-construction Data Center in Warsaw.

nowy klient Algeco - Winthrop Engineering and Contracting Ltd

Design and construction

Winthrop Engineering and Contracting Ltd. is an international company specializing in the design and construction of data centers. It provides turnkey solutions to its clients throughout Europe, implementing projects in Ireland (Dublin), Spain (Barcelona), Germany (Frankfurt), among others. In Poland, in Warsaw for Investor BCEI& EdgeConnecX have been implementing a project in Ursus since 2018 - this is a large Data Center, with an energy demand of about 17 MW. The project includes the construction of office spaces and so-called data halls.

ALGECO Poland designed and installed a functional 3-story technical and office building; to ensure the comfort of its employees, the customer decided to order comprehensive furnishings and took advantage of the 360º Service. Mainly furniture packages were selected for the arrangement of 37 office workstations, a conference room, a kitchen and a locker room. In addition, the Contractor ordered the installation of air conditioners, a turnstile in front of the entrance to the site, and retrofitted the facility with 111 fire extinguishers.

Customer review

We decided on modular containers with equipment for the convenience and speed of projects - we are interested in all in one - everything ready and delivered to site. What's more, a lot of things are changing, so we need a partner who will be able to keep up and implement changes according to the need of the moment, shouldering the issue of providing logistics, operational and also financial issues - so that we can focus on priorities and implement investments without hindrance. - Krzysztof Freszel Construction Site Manager, Winthrop Engineering and Contracting Ltd.

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