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Housing container on a construction site

A construction site housing container is a practical solution for providing temporary accommodation for construction workers. They constitute a comfortable and functional place to live on the investment site, which can significantly improve the comfort and efficiency of work on the construction site. Accommodation on the construction site is agreed with the construction manager, who is responsible for it. In this article, we will discuss the different types of residential containers offered by Algeco and their applications on construction sites.

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Ready-made residential container

Container apartments available in Algeco's offer are completely furnished and ready for immediate occupancy. The Serwis 360° service allows you to immediately rent a container equipped with selected furniture and accessories (e.g. beds, wardrobes, lighting), as well as ventilation and air-conditioning systems. Thanks to this, employees can immediately benefit from comfortable accommodation, without the need for long-term assembly or interior design.

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Residential container with kitchen and bathroom

Residential containers equipped with a kitchen, offered by Algeco, are a solution for employees who need space to prepare their own meals. Equipped with a functional kitchen with a stove, refrigerator, sink and kitchen cabinets, they allow you to save time and money. This excellent and economical solution eliminates the need to use expensive external catering services or visits to restaurants.

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Residential container with bathroom

A residential container with a bathroom ensures comfort and hygiene on the construction site. The offered modules are equipped with a full-size bathroom with a shower, washbasin and toilet. Thanks to this, members of construction teams can use sanitary facilities every day, without having to leave the investment site. Comfortable conditions of use all year round are ensured by installed ventilation and heating systems.


Housing containers offered by Algeco are a comprehensive solution for providing temporary accommodation on construction sites. Thanks to ready-to-move-in containers with a kitchen and bathroom, employees can conveniently use social spaces, regardless of external conditions.