Container for gastronomy - a business idea

Nowadays, where mobility, creativity and an innovative approach are key to achieving business success, the event industry is not left behind. More and more entrepreneurs have decided to use event containers to organize their events and parties, which brings numerous benefits to both organizers and participants. Thanks to the possibilities offered by modular containers, event agencies, catering companies and event organizers can operate in various locations, ensuring high quality of services and flexibility in organization.


„The modular technology offered by Algeco allows for flexible and quick design of buildings tailored to the existing space. This is the main reason why our modular containers are eagerly used by event agencies to design creative, impressive and safe facilities. It is also worth emphasizing that we offer modules with equipment, thanks to which the constructed facilities - e.g. mobile bars, club areas or conference spaces - are immediately ready for use and receiving guests.”

- Agnieszka Matkowska, Commercial Director Algeco Polska Sp. z o.o.


Restaurant container - pizza

Event containers are changing the face of the event industry, offering event organizers, catering companies and event start-ups not only modern organizational solutions, but also mobility and flexibility. Thanks to them, it is possible to quickly launch an event without the need for long-term construction works or renting large spaces. All you need to do is adapt the container to your event needs, equip it with the necessary equipment and you can open the gates. The organizer can easily conduct the event in any place where it can find an audience. Moreover, the ability to move containers from one place to another gives organizers the flexibility to adapt the location to changing trends or seasonal preferences. This is especially important when organizing outdoor events, festivals or fairs, where traditional permanent facilities are an unrealistic idea. Thanks to this, organizers can easily adapt their offer to the needs of participants in different places and times, thus increasing the potential for the success of their event activities.


Restaurant container - Sanitary Inspectorate

Investing in traditional event facilities can be time-consuming and require much greater financial outlays for construction and equipment. Event containers offer a faster and more economical solution. Ready restaurant containers can be delivered to the site in a short time, and after appropriate adaptation to event needs, they are ready for use. This is an ideal solution for new entrepreneurs who want to quickly start their event business.


Restaurant container with terrace

Event containers not only make the work of organizers easier, but also bring benefits to event participants. Thanks to the possibility of placing containers in various locations or at outdoor events, participants can easily reach their favorite event. Additionally, the original design of the containers can attract the attention of potential participants and constitute an attractive element of the event.


Restaurant container - year-round

Nowadays, more and more attention is paid to environmental protection. Event containers can be part of a sustainability strategy for event organizers. Many manufacturers offer containers made of ecological materials and equipped with energy recovery or waste recycling systems, which contributes to reducing the negative impact on the environment.


Event containers are an innovative solution that changes the way events are organized in the event industry. Their mobility, speed of startup, comfort for participants and sustainable nature make them an increasingly popular choice for event agencies, catering companies and event organizers. Therefore, when deciding to start a business in this industry, it is worth considering the possibility of using event containers, which may prove to be a key element of success in the dynamic and competitive world of events.